Mistress of Misfortune

Dredthorne Hall Book 1

Mistress of MisfortuneRumors swirl around Dredthorne Hall like snowflakes in a blizzard: the handsome war hero who lives there never sleeps; he never allows women to enter; worst of all, the Hall is haunted. But Meredith Starling will hear none of it. Instead she finds it enchanting.

Though prone to accidents and mishaps, Meredith rides by the Hall at every opportunity. For her the rundown manor evokes a grander time. She looks past the broken gate and moss covered statues and sees the imposing facade’s elegant lines and graceful charm. In fact, she is determined to see inside.

But Colonel Alistair Thorne rebuffs all callers without exception—and not for the sake of being a recluse. He avoids women because of his family curse. The master of Dredthorne is doomed to fall in love with a lady who spends a night at the Hall. Though love would be welcome, its consequences would not. All of the mistresses of Dredthorne have vanished, gone mad, or suddenly died.


Author Hazel Hunter jumped into the Gothic Romance waters with a splendid splash.

Gina, Goodreads

This is a great read by Ms. Hunter. I love that she has moved away from the Highlander series and is trying something different.

Stephanie, Amazon

The accident-prone protagonist, Meredith, is delightfully independent, while Alastair is the typical brooding retired military hero. Together, they make an incredibly likable couple as they fall in love while solving the mystery of the curse of Dredthorne Hall.

Gina, Amazon

This book is a complete change of genre for our author, but Hazel’s story telling prowess prevails and she kept me engaged from start to finish. Can’t wait for the next adventure in this new series.

Hotwheels Harry, Amazon

I have long been a fan of Hazel Hunter and this new book for a brand new series did not disappoint.

Lisa, Amazon

Ms. Hunter is at her finest with another tale...a different setting from her last several series, but just as well-written and with well-developed characters.

Jayme, Goodreads

Hazel Hunter has single handedly taken gothic and given it a wonderful new twist.

Alison, Goodreads

A beautifully written love story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Caroline, Goodreads

War hero meets spinster and sparks fly!!

Tralynn33, Amazon