Mistress of Sins

Dredthorne Hall Book 3

KanythUnless Miss Jennet Reed attends the All Hallow’s Eve masquerade being held at Dredthorne Hall, her family will be cursed forever.

Or so her frantic mother insists after receiving a threatening note. Jennet knows itss utter nonsense, but to appease her mother, she agrees to attend. It’s a lavish affair and a lighthearted evening until an unexpected guest arrives.

Baron Greystone, who inexplicably deserted Jennet at their wedding altar seven years ago, has returned. Though Jennet refuses to give his astonishing story any credence, her heart does otherwise. Only when lethal visitors follow in his wake does she begin to believe him.


OMG!!!! I loved William and Jennet, their banter back and forth, their chemistry sizzled.
Diane, Goodreads
Her characters come to life and jump off the page and straight into your head and heart.
Jayme, Amazon
Secrets and mysteries abound in this third book about Dredthorne Hall, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the final twist in the storyline.
Annette, Amazon
Hazel Hunter has outdone herself with this series, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. But I do think this final book was my favourite. It is so tangled up with twists and some very surprising turns.
Caroline, Goodreads
This is a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy. I completely fell down the proverbial rabbit hole with this one. Great characters, a bit of spice and tons of suspense. I love the strong female characters.
Oscar, Amazon
The third book was the best of all. What a great ending to the trilogy.
Lynda, Goodreads