Mountain Wilds

Passage to Passion Book 4

Mountain WildsWhen the line between friendship and love suddenly blurs.

Dr. Jules Moore has the most wonderful co-worker. As he pilots her from one remote clinic to another, over the spectacular wilds of British Columbia, they confide in one another. The cockpit becomes not only their private world but also an escape from the real one–where Jules struggles with the finality of her divorce.

Veteran Logan Sanders is living the dream. He’s doing what he loves, all the while seated next to the most gorgeous and intelligent woman he’s met. Now all he needs to do is ask her out.

But when a storm forces their plane down in the mountains, it’s not just the elements they must survive. The area is rife with drug smugglers, who have spotted their wreck. As Jules and Logan face their options, they also confront their feelings for one another—the ones boiling just below the surface.