Forever Faire Book 2

BrennusThe man of her dreams may be exactly that.

Though Kayla Rowe and her sister seem to have landed among friends, there is more to the men of Forever Faire than meets the eye—particularly Ryan. Kayla has fallen hard for him but can’t trust her senses. Their passionate encounters don’t just leave her breathless. They have her questioning the difference between the real world and her dreams.

Fae warrior Ryan Sheridan would like nothing better than to make the lovely mortal his own. But in his painful past, he was punished for just such a thing. Though his men caution him against her, it’s her sister that worries them more. Her mystery grows deeper and darker with every fact they learn. Though Ryan would do anything to keep Kayla, if she is to stay, her sister must go.

What Readers Are Saying

If you like lots of hero's and interesting story lines these books are for you. I love the way these are coming together. Great reads.

Kindle Reviewer, Amazon

Once again another fantastic book by a fantastic author. Hazel Hunter is definitely without a doubt one of my favorite authors and just like all her other series, this one promises to be a thrill ride of sex, surprises, thrills and most of all love.

Lindie Tuck, Amazon

One thing I love about Hazel is that her characters are never mundane. Most of the time Hazel reveals information throughout the series from their past that help you understand HOW or WHY a particular character is the way they are. Add the unpredictable elements she adds, it makes for a non-stop adventure.

Hotwheels Harry, Amazon

Oh I love this series. Right from the start the author plunks you in the middle of this incredible world. It is so good, not only is the writing good but also the story, plot and characters are well crafted by the author.

Alana, Amazon

I am enthralled with this series the more I read and can not wait to read the next book. Book 3 here I come!!!!

Krystal A, Amazon