Palace of Pleasure

Silver Wood Coven Book 13

Palace of PleasureThe deadliest earthquake in history is about to strike.

Although the Ming dynasty province of Shaanxi appears elegant and serene, nothing could be further from the truth. Summer and her team land in a nest of intrigue and high-stakes politics. When the search for the second Fae crystal takes them to the regional palace, the governor’s wife takes a special interest in Summer and her mates.

But the imperious lady isn’t the only one spying on their every move. The Wiccan cultists are on their own search. Determined not to fail their master but without a head start, the cunning and violent crew are happy to use Summer and her team—and then kill them.

What Readers Are Saying

I can't believe the mind behind this series. Plot twists galore and the flow from book to book is seamless. If you haven't started the series then you need to get reading ASAP.

Anita Hanekom, Goodreads

Sooo moving, gripping, steamy, intriguing! I LOVED the detail of the past put into this book. Simple things like the bath at Meng's house, and the palace and it's rooms. I love how Elettra and Shelton are getting closer. Will they finally get together, even just once?

Kelly, Goodreads

This book is wonderful. Every book in the series has some new plot twists and the characters doing interesting things that test their abilities. I love the myth, magic, action, fantasy and sensual rhythms of the book/series and recommend it. t really lives up to its name. I could hardly put it down.

Alana, Amazon

This series really just keeps getting better and better. I am completely drawn in from the first sentence and I can not wait until the next book comes out. I was never one for series that have cliffhangers but this author, oh my. She is really quick to get the next installment out. If you love adventure and fast paced stories you will really love this.

Vicki, Amazon

I appreciated the emotion-evoking moments that allowed me to become invested in the characters and their outcomes. I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story that kept me engrossed and entertained. I also adored the dynamic between Brennus and Althea, as well as the progression of their relationship.

AC_1098610, Amazon