Silver Wood Coven Book 10

ReclaimedA bitter legacy repeats itself.

As an arsonist, a Temple Master, and a sadistic High Priestess each work to make Summer’s power their own, a plan within a plan is finally revealed. She, Troy, and Michael tread a well worn path. They follow in the wake of a legacy more cruel than any of them could have imagined. If they are to survive, Summer must embrace that legacy—or lose it along with their lives.

What Readers Are Saying

I LOVE the twist and turns in this amazing story. It's awesome. The characters seen so real and have so much depth to them. I can't get enough and I am so happy the author will be adding a new adventure for these 3! I can't wait!

Reviewer, Goodreads

Wow doesn't quite cover it! The series just keeps getting better and better. In this one, all of the threads fall together to a head, you think it's over, but……no! There's more to come….. Witches, warlocks, dwarves, templars, hot three-somes… Sorry but I just love this lot!

Reviewer, Goodreads

I love the final book that wraps up the whole story with the bad guys getting the justice they deserve and the heros living happily ever after. This book totally delivers.

Reviewer, Amazon

It's hard to believe but this action-packed, magical, paranormal romance continues to capture your interest with every book in the series. All the while leaving you on the edge of your seat trying to anticipate where Hazel will take the story next!!

Reviewer, Amazon

The plot for this book was concluded in a beautiful way. It also revealed this is not the last book. Yay! Best of all the ending is also a winner without a doubt.

Alana, Amazon