A bitter legacy repeats itself.

As an arsonist, a Temple Master, and a sadistic High Priestess each work to make Summer’s power their own, a plan within a plan is finally revealed. She, Troy, and Michael tread a well worn path. They follow in the wake of a legacy more cruel than any of them could have imagined. If they are to survive, Summer must embrace that legacy—or lose it along with their lives.

I LOVE the twist and turns in this amazing story. It's awesome. The characters seen so real and have so much depth to them. I can't get enough and I am so happy the author will be adding a new adventure for these 3! I can't wait! Goodreads Reviewer
Wow doesn't quite cover it! The series just keeps getting better and better. In this one, all of the threads fall together to a head, you think it's over, but……no! There's more to come….. Witches, warlocks, dwarves, templars, hot three-somes… Sorry but I just love this lot!Goodreads Reviewer
I love the final book that wraps up the whole story with the bad guys getting the justice they deserve and the heros living happily ever after. This book totally delivers. Amazon Reviewer
It's hard to believe but this action-packed, magical, paranormal romance continues to capture your interest with every book in the series. All the while leaving you on the edge of your seat trying to anticipate where Hazel will take the story next!!Amazon Reviewer
The plot for this book was concluded in a beautiful way. It also revealed this is not the last book. Yay! Best of all the ending is also a winner without a doubt.Alana, Amazon Reviewer

After taking a shower Troy Atwater tugged on his trousers, and went to open the violet and gold damask curtains. Thin, early morning light illuminated the master bedroom. Tiny rainbows danced on his damp, bare chest from the prismatic crystals hung in the window as he surveyed the lush, blooming gardens beyond the house. Summer Lautner’s formidable magic had created spring in the midst of winter, but it was her presence that made the world seem to brim with renewal. He knew her love had dissolved the frustration and anger and bitter determination that he’d brought with him on this journey. He felt strong and calm for the first time since coming to Canada.

“It is good that you are feeling powerful, Pagan,” Michael Charbon said as he rolled out of the oversize bed. The big man scrubbed a huge hand over his shaggy golden hair. “Because if you used all the hot water again, I will beat you senseless.”

“That’s what you get for bonding with a water elemental, Paladin.” Troy took the towel from around his neck and tossed it at his sentinel brother, who stopped in mid-stretch to catch it. “Besides, after last night, you need a cold shower.”

The big man glanced up at two curtain tie-backs hanging from the canopy.

“It was worth it.” He retreated into the bathroom.

Troy went to the suitcases to retrieve some clean clothes, his mouth hitching as he picked up on some of Michael’s thoughts from the shower. Being mated to the Guardian of the Emerald Tablet, the oldest and most powerful grimoire in the world, had plenty of advantages beyond their telepathic link. Their lady contained all the Tablet’s magic in her mind, which made her the most powerful Wiccan on the planet. It also made her completely unique among witches.

Not only was Summer beautiful and kind, as a lover she was deeply passionate and wickedly sensual.

Troy touched a love bite on his neck and smiled a little. Since he and Michael were very physical, demanding lovers an ordinary woman might have had trouble accommodating them both. But Summer’s bloodline produced extraordinarily strong and resilient females who always took two mates. They also gave birth to only one daughter, who was fated to become the next Guardian—a daughter conceived with two fathers.

A familiar pang of sorrow jolted his heart as he thought of the baby they’d lost.

When Summer had miscarried their child while preventing a horrific car accident, Troy had been outraged that the Emerald Tablet hadn’t prevented it. The accident had made Summer decide to return to Canada to explore the two estates her fathers had left to her, but Troy knew how desperate his lady had been to escape all the reminders of their loss. The misery she’d suffered had made him hell-bent on separating the Tablet from her.

Since coming to Montreal they had been drawn into dangerous intrigues with Artemis Coven, the all-female group to which Summer’s mother Marie had once belonged. Discovering a Templar priory hidden in the city had resulted in Summer being hunted again for her powers. They’d also attracted the notice of a crazed arsonist who had been cursed by Marie, and who had come close to killing Summer twice. But instead of devoting himself to protecting his lady, Troy’s determination to end her guardianship by any means necessary had alienated Michael, and had nearly torn apart the three of them.

But Summer had brought them back together, and showed Troy how wrong he’d been. He still didn’t care for the Tablet—he probably never would—but he realized now that his blind anger had left Summer vulnerable. It had nearly destroyed the love he shared with the two most important people in his life.

“I do not have to beat you senseless after all,” Michael said. Steam wafted into the bedroom as he emerged, a towel around his hips. “You do a fine job of it yourself.”

“Just clearing my head,” Troy said, as he tugged on a sea-blue sweater, and shook out his thick mane of black hair. “I want to start over, with Summer, and you, and everything.”

“Think about something happier,” the big man suggested. “Like last night.”

Troy sighed. “We might have gotten her pregnant again, you know. Me coming inside her after you like that.”

Due to the unusual nature of her bloodline, in order for their lady to conceive they both had to fill her with their seed.

Michael grunted as he went to the suitcase to grab some clothes.

“She told you to, and you wanted to. She knew what might happen, but she needed you.”

Troy chuckled. “Well, there is that. You didn’t seem to mind playing mattress for us.”

“I feel what you feel, and it was erotic. I almost came again while you were pumping inside her.” He pulled on a pair of corduroys. “She went crazy for it, too, the way you gave it to her. She likes it when you go deep and fast. Me she likes slow, and hard.”

Troy didn’t have a qualm about sharing Summer with Michael. The nature of their bond made jealousy impossible. They had no sexual interest in each other, but they both worked together perfectly to assure their lady’s pleasure. Summer would probably be surprised by how often they talked about it, but that, too, was part of the bond they had as her mates.

“You think too much about it,” Michael added. “But at least you do not do that in bed.”

“I couldn’t stop myself,” Troy admitted. “I loved how she felt inside. Gods, she was like wet satin, and so hot for it. Remember those sounds she made? Every time I plowed into her she gripped me like a fist. We need to do that again.”

Michael chuckled. “We will. We promised her sex every night, and I think Beauty will hold us to that.” He grimaced and reached down to adjust the swelling bulge under his shorts before zipping up his pants. “I hope she does.”

“She might like sex every morning, too,” Troy said and glanced at the empty bed. “After breakfast, we’ll coax her back up here.”

“I like the coaxing,” the big man said and stroked a thumb across his lower lip. “Or we can have her for breakfast. Undress her, and use the kitchen table. She might be a little sore after last night, so…”

Troy smothered a groan as Michael’s carnal thoughts came pouring into his mind.

“We’ll take turns kissing her pussy,” Troy suggested. He heard the whistle of the kettle downstairs. “Come on, we’d better hurry, or she’ll be too busy cooking. I want her more than food.”

Downstairs they found the kettle screeching, but no sign of Summer. As Michael walked out into the garden calling for her, Troy spotted her mobile phone on the kitchen table, and picked it up. The caller ID showed the number of the phone Summer had given to Raelyn Foss, the young mortal they’d help rescue from Lorena Paquet, Artemis Coven’s twisted High Priestess. Though Raelyn calling Summer wasn’t even remotely malevolent, the hair on the back of Troy’s neck raised. On a hunch, he picked up the phone and dialed Raelyn back.

“Madam Peine?” a harsh voice answered. “What the hell happened up here?”

An icy chill settled over Troy. “May I speak to Raelyn Foss?”

“There’s no Raelyn here, man. This is the Club Chaînes fetish club. Your friend totally trashed one of our play rooms. Hold on.” The man snapped something in gutter French at someone before he said, “Look, we always appreciate Madam Peine visiting, and we were happy to open the club so she could have a morning session, but she let things get totally out of hand. Someone’s gotta pay for the damages.”

“I’ll be sure you’re reimbursed,” Troy said, and beckoned to Michael as he came in from the garden. When he joined him, he put the call on speaker. “Tell me what happened.”

“How the hell should I know? She used a private room.” The other man sighed. “I saw her boyfriend and his buddies carrying her out, along with some brunette chick. They were both stoned out of their minds. That’s all I know. So where do I send the bill?”

Troy got the address of the club, promised to send a check, and switched off the phone.

“It couldn’t be Summer,” he said. “How could she get to Montreal so fast?”

A dragonfly appeared and hovered between him and Michael, its emerald wings beating so slowly that Troy wondered how it was staying aloft. Michael reached out to it, and it perched on his palm, resting its tail against his callused fingers.

“Look at the eyes,” the big man murmured.

Troy peered closer, and saw that it had dark opal cabochon eyes that exactly matched Summer’s.

“Summer, is that you?” he asked.

The Guardian has been taken.

The voice that spoke seemed to be coming from the tiny creature, but sounded like that of a cross old lady.

Michael paled. “It is the Emerald Tablet.”

The dragonfly swelled, its tiny body reshaping itself into that of a brown squirrel. It sat upright on Michael’s hand, its tail twitching as its glowing green eyes shifted from Troy’s face to Michael’s.

“No,” Troy said, scowling. He took a step back, shaking his head. “You can’t be the Tablet. It only speaks to us through Summer.”

I am changing, Sentinel, and so are you and your brother. We must act quickly, or the Guardian will die, and we along with her.

The black granite counters of the renovated kitchen seemed to stretch around Troy and Michael, engulfing them in a dark bubble. Suddenly it grew multi-colored lights and blasted loud, raucous music as it turned into a nightclub crowded with people in leather, vinyl and rubber fetish wear.

Troy looked up at the voyeurs lining the galleries above the first floor, where they stood watching people having sex in glass-fronted rooms. The ice-cold air conditioning couldn’t quite overpower the musky odors of sweat and excitement.

“Hey, baby,” a young woman with an orange Mohawk said as she walked through Michael to hug a large man in chaps carrying a whip. As she kissed him, she pulled up her FREE SUB T-shirt and rubbed the pierced nipples of her bare breasts against the man’s chest.

Michael stared over the orange spikes at Troy. “Beauty came here?”

“It said she was taken,” Troy said as he walked through the embracing couple. “But where?”

Michael nodded at the green light shining from the small window in the door to the stairwell.

“The Tablet,” he said.

Inside the stairwell they found nothing, and Troy began to grow impatient.

“If you’re going to show us something, Grimoire,” he said, turning in a slow circle, “now would be a good time.”

A rasping squeak made them both look down at the small gray rat that appeared between them. Its eyes glowed a vivid emerald green.

Evil lured the Guardian away from you. She used my power to come to this place, to save the dwarf and the High Priestess.

Troy swore under his breath while Michael asked, “Theo and Lorena Paquet are also here?”

She was. They are both gone—taken by the Templars. A trap within a trap. The dwarf was never here.

A burst of green light enveloped him and Michael, dragging them up through the floors of the club as if they were ghosts. Troy found himself hovering like a mist in a torture chamber. Beside him Michael roared with fury, and then he saw Summer shackled to a strange table, and Lorena dressed in a bizarre red satin jumpsuit. She babbled about her mother before casting her psychic web over Summer. Emerald power glittered in the air, and suddenly plants began sprouting wildly all over the room.

Massimo Malveaux, the Temple Master of Montreal, came inside the room and began reading from a grimoire. Troy recognized it as the one he’d intended to use to separate the Emerald Tablet from Summer. Dread filled him as he watched two orbs of orange light appear.

Horror blanched Michael’s face as he shouted “No!”

They both watched helplessly as the orbs flew and burst against the faces of the two women. The Temple Master went to Lorena as she swayed, her eyes rolling back into her head, and grabbed her.

“Welcome to your new prison, Ms. Lautner,” Malveaux said.

Michael lunged at the man, passing through him and bouncing off the counter in the kitchen at Marie Lautner’s estate. Troy caught him and steadied him, his head spinning as he stared at the gray rat, which now sat on the kitchen table.

Now you understand what has been done. You must find us, and reverse the spell, or you and the Guardian and I will be destroyed.

The rat’s eyes lost their eerie glow, and it shivered all over. Troy scooped it up, carried it to the door to the garden, and let it outside.

“Malveaux would have taken them to the priory,” Michael said as he rubbed a hand over his face. “By all the gods, we should have destroyed the place. But why would the Temple Master do that? Why switch their souls?”

“Lorena will be simpler to manipulate,” Troy guessed as he grabbed the keys to the Jeep. “Lorena wants the Emerald Tablet, the Templars who killed Marie want the Emerald Tablet, and so does the Temple Master. Maybe they’re working together. Or maybe against each other. Either way, it doesn’t matter. We have to get Summer out of there and back into her own body.”

“Wait,” Michael said. “If Lorena has control of the Emerald Tablet now, how could it come to us? Wouldn’t she prevent that? Or is it because we are not bonded to her?”

Troy remembered something Summer said, and groaned. “I was wrong. The Tablet doesn’t possess her body, Paladin. It never did.”

“But it is inside her,” Michael countered.

Troy nodded. “She told us that they share the same soul. When Malveaux switched the women, he didn’t just swap their minds. He exchanged their entire beings, including their souls.”

The big man’s grim expression softened. “Then Beauty still possesses the Tablet’s power.”

Troy nodded. “And when they kill her in Lorena’s body, they’ll both die—and so will we.”