Second Sight Book 6

ChangedHe’ll sacrifice his career. She must vow to never touch him. Can their love withstand the strain?

Though Isabelle and Mac struggle to settle into a new life together, the world seems set against it. Events at the Green Earth Commune take stranger and stranger turns, until neither of them can turn away. Something dark waits in the heart of the small community, though neither of them suspects the deadly truth.

But as psychic and FBI profiler work together, their personal lives stall. The risk of reading Mac too closely looms as a new danger that neither of them had foreseen. As their relationship approaches the brink, Isabelle and Mac can no longer deny that they must come together or they will come apart because there is no going back.

What Readers Are Saying

This series has been very enjoyable to read! Just enough mystery to keep me wanting to read on to the next page. Mac & Isabelle make a good “team”! I'll be reading this set again!

Reviewer, Amazon

The twist and turns of this storyline draw you in, and you can't believe how this comes together.

Reviewer, Amazon

Great conclusion! Those who needed to get punished, really got what was coming to them. I loved reading about Isabel and Mac, they make an exciting couple.

Reviewer, Goodreads