He’s desperate for her to know him. She can’t risk losing him. Will her gift drive them apart?

When psychic Isabelle de Grey discovers her ex-boyfriend is alive, nothing can stop her from finding him. But it seems that all roads lead to the Green Earth Commune and Mac has forbidden her from going. After shots were fired at them, it doesn’t take an FBI agent to know the secluded settlement is dangerous.

But disagreeing over her plans is the least of their worries as the reality of living together hits them both full force. Not what either of them had expected, the closeness they’d been desperate for only serves to drive them apart. As the mystery of the commune draws them deeper into its web of lies, Isabelle feels she has no choice. Against Mac’s wishes, she plays a risky game, when the seducer is seduced.

I never saw that coming.Kindle Reviewer
It is a great story line and I do love every book of this series. Keep it up. Great work!Kindle Reviewer
This story seems to still be building in drama and suspense. I am anxious to read the conclusion of the second sight series.Goodreads Reviewer

Kayla’s shocked face said what Isabelle had felt–happiness mixed with anger at the news that Daniel was alive.

“But…” Kayla said.

The large window’s vertical blinds were drawn against the bright, morning sun and the overhead light had been dimmed. The fluorescent light at the head of the hospital bed cast harsh shadows down Kayla’s face. Isabelle glanced across the bed at Mac. In the subdued light, his white shirt nearly glowed against the black of his suit and tie. Special Agent Gavin “Mac” MacMillan was in uniform. Though his eyes were shadowed, Isabelle still read concern, in the tiny furrow between his eyebrows and the grim set of his lips.

Before coming to the hospital they’d talked about the timing of letting Kayla know. Her stay had been extended because of postpartum hypertension. But Isabelle had reasoned that, if it were her, she’d want to know that the father of her newborn son was alive–especially when she’d thought he’d been dead for the last several months.

“I read him,” Isabelle said, taking the photo from her purse and handing it to Kayla. “In this.”

Kayla took the black and white photo of her with Daniel, staring at it wide-eyed.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. “But how?”

Isabelle knew that Kayla didn’t question the reading. Isabelle’s gift of second sight–reading the past in people and objects–had already surfaced and begun to change her life when they’d first met. Kayla wasn’t asking how she knew. She was asking how Daniel could possibly be alive when he was supposed to have died in a car crash.

“I don’t know,” Isabelle said. “I just know that the last person to touch that photo was Daniel. He picked it up from the trash and then dropped it back in when someone was coming.”

“But why?” Kayla said. “Why pretend to be dead?” She shook her head. “No. That can’t be it. But…” Suddenly, Kayla clutched Isabelle’s gloved hand, where it rest on the bed rail. “You have to find him.”

Kayla grabbed Mac’s sleeve.

“Please,” she said. “Something’s wrong. I know it.”

Mac gently took her hand in both of his. The last thing they wanted to do was raise her blood pressure.

“It’s good news, Kayla,” he said, his voice deep and reassuring. “Try not to worry.”


“I’ll find him,” Isabelle said, squeezing Kayla’s hand. “Relax, Kayla. I promise you. I’ll find him.”

And though her voice was calm and quiet, Isabelle felt the same dread as Kayla. Something was wrong and Daniel was in the middle of it. She rubbed the back of Kayla’s hand and smiled.

“Thank you,” Kayla said, tearing up. She glanced from her to Mac and then back again. “I already owe you so much.”

The wild car ride down the twisting curves and bends of Topanga Canyon when Kayla had given birth in the car flashed into Isabelle’s mind.

Just then, the door opened and light flooded into the room.

“Oh, look who’s here,” said Susan, backing into the room. As she turned, her face beaming, she cradled a little bundle in her arms.

“Mom,” Kayla said. “Daniel’s alive.”

“Oh,” Susan said, without missing a beat. “That’s too bad.” She smiled down at the little face as she adjusted the beanie cap. “Look, little Gavin,” she cooed to her grandson. “Big Gavin and Aunt Isabelle are here.”

“Mom!” Kayla said.

Susan ignored her, still all smiles as she gave Mac a one-armed hug and met Isabelle at the foot of the bed. They embraced briefly and Susan gave her a peck on the cheek.

“It’s good to see you two,” Susan said. “Want to hold him?”
But Isabelle hardly needed to answer as Susan gently laid the tiny boy in Isabelle’s arms.

“Gavin?” Mac said as the warm bundle nested into the crook of her arm and she stared down into the face that she hardly recognized from the newborn who’d popped into her waiting hands.

“Daniel Gavin Massen,” Kayla said.

“I’d have preferred Gavin Daniel myself,” Susan whispered loudly to Isabelle.

Mac stood behind her and looked over her shoulder.

As Kayla rushed through a breathless explanation of why Isabelle and Mac were here, Isabelle couldn’t take her eyes off ‘Little Gavin.’ There was a lot of Kayla in him, the eyes and mouth especially. Mac reached around her and tickled his stomach with a giant index finger. But apparently Little Gavin wasn’t in a mood to play. His eyebrows shot up and his eyes opened a little wider and he made a whimpering noise. In only moments, he was crying.

“Meal time,” Susan said.

“Mom,” Kayla said, whining a little as Isabelle handed Little Gavin back to Susan. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Clearly,” Susan said, bringing her baby to her. “Do you hear this?”

Isabelle couldn’t help but smile at the three generations. Though Kayla had been worried about being welcome in Susan’s home or how controlling she could be, Susan had seemed to slip comfortably and quickly into grandmother mode.

Mac tugged lightly at Isabelle’s waist. He was heading to the door.

“Isabelle?” Kayla said.

Isabelle turned as Kayla tucked Little Gavin up under her hospital gown and his crying suddenly stopped. Kayla’s eyes searched hers, the unasked question in her face.

“I’ll find him,” Isabelle said. “Promise.”