Psychic readings and personality profiles don’t make a relationship—but trust does.

Although psychic Isabelle de Grey and FBI Special Agent Gavin “Mac” MacMillan are most definitely a couple, they hadn’t counted on being together 24/7. But when a serial killer known as the Chameleon takes a special interest in Isabelle, Mac refuses to leave her side.

Though deeply in love, their relationship is put to the test when the FBI, against Mac’s wishes, asks Isabelle to act as a decoy. Although Isabelle is willing, the plan unwittingly plays into Mac’s darkest and secret fear. As their relationship strains to the breaking point and Isabelle’s life hangs in the balance, Mac finally understands that every predator must have their prey.

Oh my, Hazel! You do have a way with words!Kindle Reviewer
Love this series!Kindle Reviewer
This was a truly fantastic mixture of suspense, the reading of clues both physical and mental. Glad they have a HEA together. Will be checking out this authors others works.Kindle Reviewer
I really liked this book. The series is great. The characters are believable and the bad guy a completely vile.Kindle Reviewer
This book was another page-turner. It was full of suspense and adrenaline, with a dash of love and romance. If you're a fan of paranormal thrillers, you're going to enjoy this, I know I did.Kindle Reviewer

Isabelle had never seen Mac so angry and, of all people, with Ben.

“I have thought about it,” Mac seethed, glaring across the gleaming wood of Ben’s desk. “And I say no.”

The call from Benicio Olivos, Assistant Director of the FBI in charge of the Los Angeles Field Office, had come as a surprise to Mac, but it had shocked Isabelle. Despite the fact that both she and Mac had helped to rescue his daughter from the serial killer known as the Chameleon, Ben had made it clear what he thought of psychics.

“Maybe Isabelle has an opinion,” Ben retorted and swung his stare to her.

When Ben’s secretary had called and asked for an appointment with the two of them, Isabelle had assumed they’d be confronted about their relationship. Special Agent Gavin “Mac” MacMillan’s work as an FBI profiler and hers as a psychic had placed them in an odd working association. But it wasn’t the work that the FBI minded. It was their personal relationship.

Isabelle looked at Mac’s rugged profile, the jut of his strong jaw, the dark, thick, short-cropped hair. Even under the suit and long-sleeved shirt, she could see the outlines of his powerful body, now rigid and tense.

They had come ready to talk to Ben about their relationship but Mac’s mentor and friend didn’t want to talk about them, he wanted to talk about her.

Isabelle opened her mouth to reply but Mac interrupted.

“Ben, I’m telling you,” Mac said, his jaw clamped tight. “This isn’t going anywhere. Isabelle is not going to be used as bait for the Chameleon.”

Bait, thought Isabelle. It’d sounded so much more reasonable when Ben had used the word ‘decoy.’

“You’ve said it yourself,” Ben said, sitting back in his chair. “Isabelle is his IVT. From the very beginning, he’s been fascinated with her. First, he demands she be brought back to one case, then he demands she participate in the next. Now, at a crime scene, he leaves a piece of paper with her name written on it.”

Though Isabelle knew that Mac would have included her reading of the stethoscope in his report, Ben would put no stock in that. The Chameleon had left it with a message that only she could see. As his last victim had touched the stethoscope, the Chameleon had told the young woman that Isabelle would be next. He was coming for her.

“I’m sorry,” said Isabelle. “IVT?”

“Ideal victim type,” Ben answered. “A brunette, petite, pretty.” He paused. “Like Esme.”

The resemblance between all the victims, including Ben’s daughter, Esme, hadn’t escaped Isabelle.

Ideal victim type.

Isabelle nodded.

“I’m not saying there isn’t risk,” Ben said to her. “You have to go into this with that understanding.”

She had seen the last ideal victim–her bloodless face and staring eyes. Isabelle had felt her pain and utter terror in reading the stethoscope. If anyone knew there was risk, it was Isabelle. Even now she only had to cast her mind back to the grisly scene of a few days ago to feel a mixture of nausea and dread.

But she’d also seen how Ben and Anita had suffered over their daughter’s abduction. Isabelle knew that all the families of all the ideal victims were dealing with loss and grief, no matter how long ago their loved one had disappeared.

And the Chameleon knows my name. How long will it take for him to find me?

Mac abruptly stood up.

“Stop it, Ben,” Mac growled. “I’ve said no.”

“But I say yes,” Isabelle said, looking up at him. “I have to.”