Second Sight Book 2

TornThey are opposites in everything—except love.

Psychic Isabelle de Grey and FBI Special Agent Gavin “Mac” MacMillan are an improbable couple. But when her world of seeing into the past and his world of profiling criminals overlaps, an intense, sensual relationship quickly erupts. Despite bicoastal living arrangements, red-hot desire still consumes them both. Though Isabelle is thrilled that Mac is returning to L.A., her happiness is tempered by the grim reality they must face.

The serial killer who escaped them has struck again and kidnapped another young woman. Though Isabelle and Mac work together, he keeps their relationship hidden in order to preserve his job. As the investigation falters and the strain of secrecy takes its toll, Isabelle and Mac struggle to find a way forward. Despite the heated passion that explodes between them, hard decisions lay in store for the couple as they discover that every choice has its cost.

What Readers Are Saying

Wow! This book grips you from the beginning and doesn't let you go.

Reviewer, Amazon

love the pacing, the storyline, the characters, and the amount of sex.

Reviewer, Amazon

I don't usually read suspense type books but the first book in the series had me wanting more & it continued in this book!

Reviewer, Amazon