A frightful destination. A love that is destined. A fight to stay together.

As Gillian and Shayne embark on the next step of their journey, it takes an unexpected turn. Aboard a ship with an eerie captain and strange first mate, their passionate new relationship is put to the test. But finally making landfall at the fabled Midnight Market only compounds their troubles.

As Gillian searches desperately for the means to continue her quest, Shayne struggles to protect her. Though she’s pursued and seized at every turn, her own obsession is her undoing. In the Midnight Market there is only one law: everything is for sale. Everything.

With a F/F kiss, and some steamy action from Gillian and Shayne, this book continues to be hot and steamy. However, this installment is also mysterious and suspenseful. It also comes complete with an ending that leaves you wanting the next book in this series immediately.Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
Like a James Bond movie, the action is there just under the surface ready to erupt, and keeps you intrigued trying to guess what will bring the action to the surface. Meanwhile you have that 800 year old experienced warrior who knows Gillian will be his soulmate, but in her mid-twenties Gillian hasn’t come to the same conclusion yet.Kindle Reviewer
Wow! I'm hooked! Poor Gillian has to brave the Midnight Market to gain the means to see Tenebris. Little does she know that the price will be excruciatingly painful.A.C. Wilson, Kindle Reviewer
The growing relationship between the two lovers ebbs and flows as the story takes them into dark and dangerous places. A very interesting twist leaves you wondering if this is the first time thru for these two, or maybe they have been here before and have yet to complete their mission's in life.Kindle Reviewer
Wow! Hazel Hunter does it again. In depth, relatable characters take you on an emotional and sexy rollercoaster ride. I couldn't put it down.Kindle Reviewer

The sun had almost set when the small plane started to make its final descent over the North Atlantic. Gillian stirred against Shayne’s shoulder. Her escort was already awake and peering into the dark.

“Is everything all right?”

He flashed her a quick smile. The red light in the plane reflected from the blue eye but not the brown one, giving him a distressingly lopsided look. With his falcon Vlasti perched behind him, he looked like an ancient wood god come to either point her way or damn her.

“Everything’s fine. Port Ilya’s right in front of us. We’ll be getting off soon.”

She touched his arm gently.

“Are you having second thoughts?” she asked softly.

Gillian might be young, but her life’s course was true. She was on the hunt for Tenebris, the legendary Hollow City, thought to have harbored the most powerful and ancient Wiccans of the world. That journey lay in front of her, but her coven master had decided that she wasn’t going to travel it alone. Shayne, an officer from the mysterious Magus Corps, had been sent to walk it with her.

He shook his head in response to her question, squeezing her hand gently.

“No. This is my mission, and whatever Jefford thought it was going to be when he sent me on it, it is a worthy one. I’m not going to abandon you, Gillian.”

She knew he’d been sent with her as punishment, a milk run designed to humiliate a man used to battle. But events had spiraled out of control as soon as they had left L.A.. His smile was warm, but the mention of his mission crushed her a bit. Though they had become intimate, there was something withdrawn about him.

Is that all I am, a mission?

She smiled at him as bravely as she could.

“I’m glad you’re here with me,” she said, drawing her hand back. “Port Ilya shouldn’t be a huge issue, but the Midnight Market… There are stories.”

Shayne snorted indelicately.

“The Midnight Market might be one of the most dangerous places in the world, whether you’re a witch, a shape-changer or whatever. The fact that you were going to wander in there without any kind of backup or weapon is utterly terrifying.”

“As terrifying as having our plane shot out of the sky and being hunted by four Templars?” Gillian asked innocently. As intended, it made Shayne grin.

“Cheeky little rabbit. More so, I would say. I know a man in the Magus Corps who accidentally traded his tongue for a glass of beer at the Midnight Market. It’s where fairy tales come to life.”

“What happened to him?” Gillian asked, against her better judgment.

Shayne smiled a little more grimly.

“Well, he still works and fights with the Magus Corps. He just does it without a tongue now.”

Gillian shuddered, jumping a little when Shayne touched her wrist. Her hands were sheathed in black leather gloves, preventing her power from overcoming her.

“Gillian, I know that locating Tenebris is what you want. I know it’s all you think about. But I want to make you this offer. I want you to know that if you want to turn back, if you want to wait until you’re older or until the Corps can field more men to help you get there, that would be fine.”

Gillian’s cheeks flushed red. She jerked her hand away from Shayne.

“You were just telling me a few hours ago that you understood why this was important and why Tenebris had to be found,” she said in bewilderment.

His eyes were so stern. That mouth that had so passionately kissed her was fixed into a hard line.

“I do understand,” he said. “But you didn’t tell me we were going to the Midnight Market until a few hours ago. That changes a few things. Do you even understand the danger you’re getting yourself into? Do you even know what might happen?”

Gillian’s temper was slow to rise, but it had started.

“I was in a plane that got shot out of the sky. I think I know it’s going to be dangerous.”

“Here’s the thing. That was nothing compared to what we might be up against. Do you understand? There were four men trying to kill us. Let me be more precise. There were four Templars who were trying to kill me and take you hostage. We still don’t know why. This mess is getting deeper and deeper all the time and–”

“If it’s such a mess, take yourself out of it,” Gillian snapped.

Shayne looked like he would have been happy to make a response. But the pilot, who was, after all, only separated from them by a stiff curtain, came on the intercom.

“Please fasten your seat belts, return your seats to an upright position, and stow any arguments. We’re on final approach and will touch down shortly.”

Gillian’s cheeks burned with embarrassment. In her pocket, her rat, Max, stirred uneasily. Her familiar could sense her discomfort, but for now he had to live with it just as she did.

She clicked her seat upright, tightened her seat belt, and hugged her backpack in her lap. In it were copies of all her notes, an exotic assortment of documents written in Greek, Latin, and a handful of cyphers that had been used across a span of three thousand years. Individually, they were obscure pieces of history. Together, they described a journey, one that could actually be taken. She knew she was going to stand in Tenebris. Whether she did it with or without Shayne was another story.

She risked a glance at him. He was staring out the window, his jaw tight. She didn’t understand. He wasn’t a coward. Throughout their entire ordeal in the forest, he had never faltered. What had changed?

The plane bumped down hard on the runway. The landing was rough enough to jar her teeth, but in a matter of seconds, the plane slowed, turned, and came to a stop. She heard the pilot unbuckling. A young-looking warlock with pale hair and laughing eyes, came through the curtain as she unlatched her seatbelt.

“We’ve arrived without being shot out of the sky, so please watch your step as you get off the plane. It would be downright ironic to bring you all this way, only to have you trip down the ramp.”

He opened the small door, jumped down, and lowered the stairs. He held out a hand to her. With her backpack in one hand, she held the edge of the doorway rather than take his hand. But she smiled gratefully at him.

“I guess you overheard us,” she said, descending.

The airman grinned.

“Well, the pilot who got shot down was a little pissed that Lena wouldn’t let her fly you the rest of the way. She has a problem with being made to rest after a dead stick landing under fire. You know how it is.”

Shayne laughed at that.

“We heard that she was fine. Nice to get some confirmation though. Tell her we owe her a drink when we get back.”

“You bet.”

Only a quarter moon shone above, but the sky was pocked with stars. The air was crisp and cold. Port Ilya was tucked into a remote location within the Svalbard archipelago. The asphalt air strip receded into the distance, perfectly smooth in the dim moonlight, a patch of gleaming snow at its end. A short distance away, there was a small group of buildings along a rise. Just beyond those buildings was the port and the ships, the reason they were here.

“Are you staying long?” she asked the pilot.

He shook his head

“Long enough to refuel, then I’m back in the air. I’ve got another pickup.”

“At least the weather–”

A strange popping sound filled the air. Gillian instinctively ducked away from the plane, not sure if it had started on its own. She stared as the pilot slumped to the ground. Shayne seized her hand and started to run.


“Just run,” he shouted, shoving her ahead.