Immortal Highlander Clan MacMar Book 4


An unlikely pair must overcome their pasts if love is to stand a chance.

Julianne Scott feels called to her role as a lifeguard and that no one will die on her watch. But as she races to rescue a drowning man in a riptide at sunset, the last thing she suspects is that she’ll return to another shore in another time.

Despite knowing that Lady Joana’s ring could trigger a Fae enchantment, Shaw MacMar is stunned to find himself in the water with the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. But the dark secret he’s harbored quickly raises its deadly head to remind him that she will be forever beyond his grasp.

As the two struggle to understand one another, the enemies of the MacMar are not only moving closer to Caladh but also to each other. In the end, Julianne and Shaw can agree on one thing: they must protect those they love.


Available August 6, 2024



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