Ship of Dreams

Silver Wood Coven Book 15

Ship of DreamsSummer’s last chance couldn’t come at a worse time.

Though the sun is shining when Summer and her team arrive in Queenstown, Ireland, 1912, the charm of the port city belies the tragedy waiting to unfold. There’s barely time to comprehend the loss of a Templar team member, as she deals with two new additions: rogue warlocks.

But as the clock ticks down on the last of the Fae crystals, Summer falters. At long last, the strain of the time jumps and the stress of the mission begin to take their toll. Tired in body and spirit, her only consolation is her mates. But not even Troy and Michael can change the course that they must all take, as they board the Titanic to find the final crystal.

What Readers Are Saying

Another amazing episode for this series. We see the trio in more trouble but this time aboard the ill fated Titanic. There are a few twists and turns before you even get fully involved with the story but it just makes it that much better and we end on the biggest nail bitter yet.

Nicole Henderson, Goodreads

One of the most famous disasters in history becomes our backdrop for this latest installment. I'm a big history fan so I've been hooked from the beginning. With using the Titanic the author has latched on to a subject that resonates with us all. Anyone who has heard the stories of that horrific day has played the what if game. Hazel Hunter has done that and more.

Reviewer, Amazon

These new ones featuring them at important points in history have really been enjoyable. There is a great romance and plenty of action too. I love the intimate moments between them that reveal just how close they all are at this point.

L Levine, Amazon

Normally I buzz through books, but this one I had to slow down and in places re-read just so I did not miss anything…it is just that good.

JJ, Goodreads

This episode has you guessing about loyalties.

Carefree Quill, Amazon