Silver Wood Coven Box Set

Books 6 - 10

Silver Wood Coven Box Set 2The most powerful witch in centuries cannot control her fate.

With her memory restored, Summer Lautner begins to confront her terrible purpose in life. But as she and her lovers journey to her ancestral home, her enemies do not rest. Just when she needs her mates to pull together, they begin to split apart.

Darkly handsome and brooding, Troy Atwater doesn’t resent Summer’s other lover. But he despises the hold that her destiny imposes on their lives. He secretly vows to separate her from her great power, even if he must master the most ancient and deadly of spells.

Gorgeous and good-natured, Michael Charbon is charmed by his new life. After centuries as a witch-hunter, he embraces each new day with delight. But when he learns of Troy’s risky plan, he draws a hard line between it and Summer’s safety.

Pursued by Templars and coveted by Wiccans, Summer and her men must find their own way. But fate has decreed they will do it together—or not at all.

What Readers Are Saying

This is the sixth book in the series and does not disappoint…I could not put this book down and read long past the witching hour. I can't wait to read the next book.
Wow the action in this story is amazing. I love the characters, drama, and mystery!
I am so happy the author revisited these characters. The first five books were thoroughly engrossing and though there was a HEA, there was still room for more story. Tada!- Here it is… more intrigue, new sneaky, conniving, creepy Templars, new Coven Leaders that probably shouldn't be trusted, and our same three heroes.
Kindle Reviewer, Amazon