Stars of Love

Romance in the Ruins Book 3

Stars of LoveA reclusive billionaire. A sheltered academic. An journey that tests both their hearts.

When astronomer Rebecca Knight is asked by reclusive billionaire Mitchell Simmons to join an archaeology project, she can hardly say no. Not only will the work help to prove her radical theory about astronomy in the ancient Southwest, she’ll live a real life adventure in the field.

Although the expedition starts well, Rebecca quickly discovers that neither the journey nor Mitchell is what they seem. Wild rumors about the geeky, dot com recluse bear no resemblance to reality. Instead, he’s a thoughtful and commanding presence, not to mention an intensely attractive and sensual man.

Though the torrid attraction between them is unstoppable, the voyage takes an unforeseen turn, jeopardizing the research as well as their relationship. As they race against time and an enemy who will stop at nothing to see them fail, they must pull together or they will die.