Silver Wood Coven Book 2

StolenSparks ignite when her rescuer becomes her captor.

Templar Michael Charbon has been watching the young witch for months. Homeless, beautiful, and living in Central Park, she seems to charm everyone she meets. They shower her with kindness, and yet he never witnesses magic. Only when he rescues her from a rapist, does he understand why: Summer has no memory, not even of her real name. Though he barely resists her inexplicable pull on him, he would gladly break his vows to make her his own.

Magus Corps Major Troy Atwater is surprised to hear from Michael. But their long past together puts Michael’s word beyond doubt. Troy collects the beautiful, young witch from the Templar, before her strange attraction drives half of New York wild. A powerful warlock in his own right, Troy manages to veil her seductive appeal, so that he and the coven can help her. But a passionate bond quickly envelopes them that goes far beyond her charms.

For her part, Summer’s head is swimming. With barely a memory, she can hardly comprehend the ancient world of Wiccans and Templars. More than that she finds herself torn between two very different men. But as the extent of her powers reveal themselves and her deadly past returns in painful snippets, she finds that she isn’t meant to choose between Michael or Troy. She must have them both.

What Readers Are Saying

These characters are AWESOME!! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this series. I was a little hesitant cuz of the two guys factor which if done badly can be a killer to a book but it was very well done and you get emotionally invested in all 3 of these dynamic characters.

Shandara, Amazon
Yet again the author has written a winner! Book 2 begins right where book 1 left off. Summer, Troy, and Michael's story is starting to come together. Romance, friendship, sex, mystery, and a little magical yumminess…if this description even intrigues you just a little bit, well then you know what to do. And I'm pretty you will enjoy the series, but I believe they must be read in order. So what are you waiting for???
Cindi Ann B, Amazon

Couldn't put it down! This book was action galore, and I couldn't stop reading until I finished the book. Summer keeps astonishing herself with new found abilities, but still can't remember her past. I'm excited to see her develop both her magic, and her relationships. Can't wait to read the next one!

Kelly, Goodreads

Great plot development. The story continues to draw you in. I love books that pull you in so completely. Of course the three main characters, Summer, Troy, and Michael have me completely invested in this series, but the plot keeps me coming back. And there's nothing like a completely insane villain as a wild card to keep it interesting.

Carefree Quill, Amazon

This story was so well written with such great descriptions, it made getting immersed in the story very easy. I highly recommend this series, not just this book, to all paranormal romance lovers.

~JustMel~, Goodreads