Taken Together

Sanctuary Coven Book 2

Taken TogetherTwo pairs of lovers, and more than twice the danger.

Imprisoned by the coven, Heather and Lucas must come to grips with the legacy of deceit that has brought them together. After being seduced by the Dorays, they must also discover the real purpose of the strange pair’s visit.

But the Dorays are drawing danger to them from all sides. Though their purpose remains hidden, it is clear that the beautiful and solitary young couple are not what they appear.

What Readers Are Saying

I'm impressed with the increasing depth of the characters and the palpable attractions and emotional attachments between them.

Reviewer, Amazon

If you like shifters then you will love this series. I am so thrilled with the twist on what makes a shifter in this series. Such a unique perspective.

Reviewer, Amazon

The threads are weaving into an intense pattern of slavery, and cruelty. Astrid and Sander are ancient familiars forced to be human sex slaves. The Sanctuary coven is full of familiar hybrids. A great premise.

Amazon, Reviewer

I believe this has become my favorite series so far, which is no easy feat by the way. =)

Reviewer, Amazon

This series just keeps getting better and better. I was unable to put this story down. This story has it all. Secrets, revelations, love, lust, tragedy and hope. The more questions that are answered and revealed the more questions that arise.

Vicki, Amazon