Immortal Highlander Clan MacRoss Book 5

TaveonCan a historian sent back through time keep history from repeating itself?

When Seona Kerrich tries to bury the Fire Sword in the ruins of Dun Lasair, it transports her directly to the MacRoss who place her in the dungeon. When she admits to being the last living descendant of their Carack enemies, War Master Taveon wants to imprison her indefinitely. But her knowledge of how the clans meet their bloody end prompts the MacRoss laird to send her under a flag of truce to her kin, accompanied by Taveon.

Unfortunately Struan Carack doesn’t believe her. He begins his own set of counter plans, including a shotgun wedding for Seona and Taveon. As the crushing inevitability of a clan war weighs down upon them, Taveon and Seona must not only find some way to prevent the annihilation of their peoples, they must confront their intense feelings for one another.

But as always, the Fire Sword has a plan of its own—and finally reveals it.