Immortal Highlander Book 2

TharaenA detective on a personal mission won’t stop—even when she falls into the arms of a gorgeous medieval highlander.

Lieutenant Diana Burke will not give up. Though her missing person case had gone stone cold, something about the disappearance of Kinley Chandler doesn’t make sense. But the last place the detective expects to find her is the highlands of medieval Scotland.

Bodyguard Tharaen Aber needs another security complication like he needs the plague. But the ingenious lass he catches sneaking around Dun Aran castle couldn’t be more opposite. As skilled a tracker as he’s ever seen, she lends her aid at every opportunity. Unfortunately for the giant highlander, the complications she brings to his heart aren’t nearly as easily solved.

But not all eyes see Diana for the good she brings. In fact, the druids demand that she leave and are determined to make it happen.

What Readers Are Saying

A thrilling story filled with myth, magic and mystery as well as a nice dose of erotic romance…and it is very well done.

Jeanne, Amazon

The Immortal Highlanders Series is hands down my favorite Hazel Hunter series! I LOVE Tharaen and Diana! They make a smart, sexy, and sweet couple.

Book Girl, Amazon

I loved Raen and Diana, who are touching, funny and sweet depending on the moment. Paranormal with a twist and hot to boot – what's not to love?

Deb Le, Goodreads

I was eagerly anticipating this second book and I loved it, it's as good if not better than book 1. The series is different from the other books that I have read by Ms Hunter but the quality of her writing, her world building skills and the depth of her characters do not change. The chemistry between Diana and Tharaen is instant and their story makes for fantastic reading.

Annie555, Amazon

I love Scottish Highlander romance but when mystery and suspense are thrown in I’m overjoyed. Watch as another life is transformed in Tharaen.

Mary, Goodreads

This may be my favorite series yet from Hazel Hunter!

Kindle Reviewer

Hot Scots! Loved this one.

Oscar, Amazon


Audiobook Edition

Tharaen is now available on audiobook from these online booksellers:

Format: Unabridged
Narrator: William MacCleod
Time: 7 hrs, 30 min

Warning: Use cheap headphones. They're about to melt.
The Sizzling Sample (NSFW)
The Retailer Sample

What Listeners Are Saying

I. Love. This. Series. The narrator has a special place in my heart. Scottish accents are endearing anyway but what Macleod was able to do was something pretty special. 

Dee, Audible

Read this book some time ago and loved it then, but it really comes to life when read by William McLeod.

Carefree Quill, Audible

This series is great so far. Time travel mixed with magic, druids and vampires, it is a very interesting combination. The main characters are well written, and keep on growing as the series continues with book two. There is action, adventure and suspense, you'll keep listening until the end. I'm looking forward book three.

lynda, Audible

I really enjoyed this story and the imagery in it. The storyline is original and it has some unexpected twists. I loved the narration by William MacLeod. His voice is smooth and fitting.

Jan M, Audible

I am loving this series! This author's twist on time travel is very original! 

G C, Audible