Immortal Highlander Book 4

TormodWhen a modern day archaeologist lands in medieval Scotland, she leaves behind the one thing that might truly help—her memory.

But Jema McShane doesn’t make the trip alone. Her twin brother Gavin falls through time with her. Separated immediately, Gavin must fend for himself. But Jema lands in the powerful arms of the only Viking member of the McDonnel clan, Tormod.

The giant Norseman can scarcely believe how the fates have favored him. His only desire is to protect the strange and beautiful woman, even if it means keeping her existence a secret.

But for Gavin, the fates have a different path in store. His world becomes one of darkness, the likes of which he has never known.

What Readers Are Saying

If I was asked to describe the book in one word, it would be "enthralling"!

jeanne, Amazon

This is the fourth book in this series and each book just keeps getting better.

Stephanie, Amazon

Wow! This is a fantastic read. I loved the whole Viking stuck with Highlanders theme. As ever this story is extremely well written, the world created is three-dimensional, complex and ever evolving, same goes for the character construction.

Oscar, Amazon

Lots of action, mystery and of course hot romance, MUST READ.

Jan Janus, Amazon

Tormod is well worth reading, but you may want to wear mittens to protect your nails from being bitten to the quick, because this book is the embodiment of the term “nail biter”!

Book Girl, Amazon


Audiobook Edition

Tormod is now available on audiobook from these online booksellers:

Format: Unabridged
Narrator: William MacCleod
Time: 6 hrs, 53 min

Warning: Use cheap headphones. They're about to melt.
The Sizzling Sample (NSFW)
The Retailer Sample

What Listeners Are Saying

Do yourself a favor and listen to the audible copy. The "reader's voice" is perfectly matched to the story which only doubles the pleasure. The story grabbed my heart at the beginning and at times, positioned me in the panty melting state (my new favorite state!). It might be a love story, but it comes fully packed with danger and unknown twists and turns.
jeanne, Audible
This book was a joy to listen to. The narrator 's voice is clear, and strong. The book is very intriguing. I could not stop listening to this book!
Vintage Queen, Audible
First of all - a great story. I know I can count on Hazel Hunter to provide a time travel that doesn't turn the woman into a lost cause. Whatever the woman was in the current time, some of those skills come in handy in the past. Also there is always a great hero to fall for. I'm relatively new to audio but I'm enjoying it. This has a HOT Scot doing the narration and that sure doesn't hurt.
MyOhMy, Audible