Twice Seduced

Sanctuary Coven Book 1

Twice SeducedAn innocent, young woman. A single-minded warlock. A web of seduction that ensnares them both.

Life is finally starting to work out for Heather Moore: a place all her own, a fulfilling career, and a wonderful new man in her life. Straight from the pages of a magazine, her French lover is the stuff of dreams. Strong and sexy, considerate and funny, it’s as though she’s been waiting for him all her short life.

But Lucas Carré is not what he seems. His immortal life as a warlock gives him every advantage, especially when it comes to his mission: to seduce the young witch in order to find her sister. But when he pulls his lover back to the coven she once escaped, dark secrets wait there—and danger.

What Readers Are Saying

Another Great Series Has Begun. New scenarios, new conflicts, new characters. As usual, she has me hooked within two chapters.

Reviewer, Amazon

Holy Hotness, Batman! So I've come to expect deep characters and unexpected plot twists from these Coven series, but this one starts out really strong. The main characters drew me in right away.

Reviewer, Amazon

When I started this book, I thought it would be boring. Was I ever wrong. Exciting, sexy, heart pounding. But, I so want to b—h slap Naomi and kick Dane in the b—s. Give me lucas all the time.

berrina, Amazon

Wiccans of all sorts: warlocks, witches, moon witches, shifters… But also templars and so much more….. Enchanting and addictive, even me who likes but is not obsessed with paranormal, thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Moon Reviews

The story itself is richly layered, full of complex characters, and with more than one hidden mystery. The prose is delightful, and the editing makes this grammarian's heart happy.

Elli Z, Amazon