Her Warlock Protector Book 5

VincentAlthough a young witch discovers power and a new love, a hidden world of danger follows close behind.

It’s not that Amanda Kirkus doesn’t want to be a witch. It’s just that she sucks at it. Despite the classes, and spells, and practicing, there doesn’t seem to be anything that she can really do. Though she’d resigned herself to keeping her day job as a hairdresser, everything changes when someone from her past reenters her life.

Vincent Harcourt can hardly believe that the beautiful woman he’s been monitoring was the girl he’d once known in high school. Though he’s an immortal warlock now, all Amanda can see is that his black hair has gone completely white. Still struggling to get past the incident that gave him the silvery hair, Vincent is determined to nurture Amanda’s untapped power.

But when his nemesis arrives seeking to conclude unfinished business, Vincent must confront a past that he had thought to leave behind. As he and Amanda fall hopelessly in love, she becomes a pawn in a game bigger than any of them could have conceived.

What Readers Are Saying

The series is great and a wonderful reader adventure.

Reviewer, Amazon

Really enjoyed this book. Wonderful series without getting into too much of the witchcraft.

Reviewer, Amazon

Not sure if anybody really even died completely! You think this last sentence is strange? Read for yourself and see if you can figure it out. The end result is a thoroughly fun read.

Reviewer, Amazon