Words of Love

Romance in the Ruins Book 1

Words of LoveIt’s the adventure of her dreams, a race against time, and passion where she least expects it.

Graduate student Jessica Riley can hardly believe her good fortune. She’s finally working among Maya ruins, deep in the Guatemalan jungle. But to top it off, she’s secluded with archaeologist Brett Delacourt, the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen.

Brett has made the find of the century, but he’s keeping the site a secret. He needs Jessica’s singular gift to locate the grand prize: the burial site of the Maya’s first ruler.

Unfortunately Brett’s obsession has put them in the midst of a massive monsoon. Meanwhile Jessica tries to hide her lack of experience and the worsening symptoms of an illness. But as they make one thrilling discovery after another, their shared passion boils to the surface. Little do they know that the waning storm has held looters at bay.